What Are Singapore Noodles

What Are Singapore Noodles? For migrants visiting Singapore, of course, some of them are curious about the variety of cuisine available in the country. One of them often arises the question of what are Singapore noodles. Understandably because one of the favorite foods that are characteristic and quite famous in this country is Singapore noodles.

This food is one of the typical foods that can be obtained easily in Singapore. Not only that, but the taste given is also very distinctive. So for some people who try, sometimes want to try to eat back.

Therefore, of course, it is interesting to know more about this Culinary from Singapore. Starting from the ingredients of making, how to cook, to getting Singapore Noodles in the country. For more details, continue to see the information in this article.

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Singapore Noodles Ingredients

What Are Singapore Noodles

To be able to cook this food yourself at home, you should prepare all the necessary ingredients. This is to help those of you who miss the Singapore-style cuisine but can’t find it in the restaurants around. By cooking alone, at least the longing for this food will be treated.

Therefore, prepare all the ingredients to start cooking Singapore noodles. Generally, some of the ingredients used in making special dishes this one is as follows.

The Noodles

First, of course, you have to prepare a serving of noodles. More precisely use rice vermicelli, which is thin noodles made of rice. This type of noodle is also often called bee hoon or mai fun.

The Spices

Next prepare spices that can support the cuisine to be more delicious. Some of the main spices that should be available include garlic, salt, pepper, curry powder, soy sauce, and Shaoxing wine. This wine is a Chinese wine that is not too sweet but able to give a pleasant taste to every dish. As for soy sauce, it is generally widely available in supermarkets.

The Proteins

Also, prepare complimentary ingredients in the form of protein. Usually, Singapore noodles use ingredients in the form of shrimp and pork. So do not be surprised if this type of food contains high enough protein. Just provide a few large pieces of shrimp and a few slices of thinly sliced pork.

The Sauce

The last ingredient that must be prepared is potato starch. Don’t forget to also add some additional sauces in the form of fish sauce, chicken broth, and oyster sauce.

The Vegetables

Not to forget to prepare the vegetables. Usually, it is consisting of bell peppers and bean sprouts.

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Steps to Cook Singapore Noodles

After preparing all the ingredients listed above, then it’s time to start cooking your own Singapore noodles. It is best to pay attention to all the steps given below. So that nothing is missed and the taste of Singapore noodles is produced according to taste.

• The first step is to marinate shrimp and pork to make them taste more delicious. Along with this soak rice vermicelli in warm water until fluffy.
• After some time start cooking by sautéing all the seasonings that have been provided. Then after the stir-fry smells good, put rice vermicelli in it.
• Wait until the vermicelli rice is browned and looks cooked. Then put the finished shrimp and pork in the marinade. Stir until evenly distributed and do not forget to add some salt or pepper. Put all the vegetables in too.
• If the cooking looks cooked enough, then turn off the stove fire, put the food on a plate. Singapore noodles are ready to be enjoyed either alone or together.

Finding Singapore Noodles in The Country

If you visit Singapore, actually finding this delicious cuisine is not a problem. Because many places provide such delicious food. Whether it’s on the side of the road to inside the shopping center. Singapore Noodles can be found on different types of food stands in the country.

Therefore, these food lovers must make time to find the most delicious Singapore noodles. So that you can feel the taste of the cuisine following the original. Although cooking alone is possible, usually, the taste given directly in Singapore will be different delicious. So do not be surprised if many tourists are looking for this food when coming to visit Singapore.

Generally, in China Town, many food stalls serve the menu. As well as in some food courts located inside the mall. Several Chinese food stalls serve the menu with special and traditional flavors. In addition, the price is also quite affordable. So do not be surprised if this food is not only a favorite of tourists. But it is also a favorite food of the people in Singapore itself. Especially for Chinese ethnic living in the country.

From the information above it is quite clear what are Singapore noodles. Starting from raw materials to how to make them. Do not miss the way to be able to find this delicious food when visiting Singapore.

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As one of the foods that are characteristic of the country of Singapore, of course, it is a pity if you do not taste it directly. So visiting Singapore means taking the time to find these special foods. Guaranteed the taste served is very delicious, even the most delicious noodle culinary that can be found around Singapore itself.