What Bank is Paypal? Set Up a Merchant Account

Many people certainly wonder about what bank is PayPal. Whereas for those who often use these payment facilities, actually PayPal cannot be said to be one form of bank. But indeed, in terms of the function of assisting to facilitate payments from one party to another party concerned.

The owner of the PayPal account can be quite familiar with this one payment facility. But it is different for those who have never used PayPal. Of course, you will feel like you want to know exactly what it is PayPal and then how the payment mechanism through PayPal. Therefore, to provide clearer information, here are some explanations related to what is PayPal, its benefits, to how to join and create an account PayPal.

About PayPal

What Bank is Paypal? Set Up a Merchant Account

PayPal Holdings, Inc. It is a company that comes from America and focuses on financial technology that serves a wide range of consumers in the world. The company runs an online payment system for one party to another. So do not be surprised if PayPal is a subsidiary of eBay that operates in all parts of the world in the year 2002.

PayPal was founded in 1998 and successfully listed an IPO in 2002. The same year that eBay owned its shares and became one of the owners of PayPal. However, in 2015 PayPal again stand-alone until now. Amazingly, currently, the financial company is one of the 500 largest companies in America version of Fortune.

PayPal has a headquarters based in San Jose, California. The company also has several major offices outside the Americas such as in Europe and Asia. With so many PayPal users around the world, of course, this makes PayPal stronger to strengthen its position in various countries.

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PayPal Services

There are several main services provided by this financial company. In general, PayPal provides various services on financial transactions to its users. So that it can carry out transaction activities more effectively and efficiently by using an online system. The services intended include the following.

• Electronic transfer funds

PayPal provides services in the form of electronic transfer funds from one account to another. No matter the location of the sender of funds or recipients of funds, PayPal can slice to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. This helps the faster reception and delivery of funds around the world.

• Online credit service

PayPal offers a credit system for payments on certain e-commerce. Making it easier for account owners to buy goods on credit with an easy system and affordable payment schemes.

• Online payment

PayPal also serves payment for various online shopping needs. So that it helps users to be able to get the necessary products from anywhere easily.

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Advantage of PayPal

Of course, anyone who uses PayPal for financial transactions will get many benefits. Therefore, the financial institution became famous and had many customers. Although not a bank institution, PayPal can provide many similar benefits, among others, the benefits recorded below.

• Easy to use

Using a PayPal account or trying to open such an account is very easy. It only takes a short time and anyone can operate or wear PayPal without difficulty. So that it can be used for various walks of life.

• Available worldwide

Services PayPal of course goes global, connecting different countries without any restrictions in finance. Therefore, users are free to make transactions with anyone without worrying.

• No hidden fee

One of the advantages provided by PayPal is that all fees charged have been informed to the account owner from the beginning. So that there are no more additional fees that must be paid when using the facilities or services of this one financial institution. Therefore, wearing PayPal is of course free from any hidden costs.

• Fraud protection

Today PayPal is supported by sophisticated online systems and secure enough to make different types of transactions. Because this institution already has a system to avoid the potential for fraud. So, there is no need to worry about making transactions with PayPal.

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• More safe information

PayPal also uses a strong enough system and anti-virus to avoid the risk of fraud on all bank account data connected to the institution. Here it can guarantee the confidentiality of all financial data belonging to the user of the account. Certainly, guaranteed to be safe and certainly will not be at risk of data theft.

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• Friendly payment method for business

Almost all e-commerce and online shops in the world are familiar with payment systems using PayPal. So of course, this is one of the guaranteed payment options. No need to get confused in using PayPal for various online payments across the world.

Those are some interesting information that can be obtained related to what bank is PayPal and explanations about the institution. So at least those who are not familiar with using the system can find out what benefits and services are provided.

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Through this information, of course, there is no need to worry if in the future you want to be part of PayPal and take advantage of its services. Just follow the steps above and get the payment and transfer features of funds from PayPal.