What is cord blood banking may still be a fairly foreign thing for ordinary people. Because this is not widely known by the most public. Therefore, this term certainly raises more questions. But some people may follow this cord blood banking program to get various benefits that turned out to be related to health.

Umbilical cord blood that is usually widely found in the baby at birth turns out to have many benefits. Of course, this benefits especially for the health of the little one in the future.

With the advancement of medical technology today, you can store the blood of your child’s umbilical cord so that it can be used at any time. It could be that your beloved baby needs it in the future to get his health always. For a more complete explanation about cord blood banking and its storage, then you can see the writing below.

About Cord Blood Banking

What is Cord Blood Banking? Pros, Cons, and How It Works?

The umbilical cord bank may now be the kind of topic that is hotly discussed among mothers. This can be a topic of conversation since the fetus is still in the mother’s womb.

All preparations before birth including the storage of the umbilical cord or the blood of the baby’s umbilical cord also become part of the consideration and planning of pregnant women to provide the best life for the beloved baby. Those of you who may be currently heading into labor can bank the umbilical cord as part of measures to maintain child health or treat childhood diseases.

That is why cord blood banking is related to the action to store the baby’s umbilical cord after birth. This storage can be done in the bank so that later this umbilical cord can be utilized as much as possible if needed.

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The baby’s umbilical cord itself is a channel that connects food and oxygen precisely between the mother and fetus. So what is taken from this umbilical cord is blood that is in the channel precisely that contains stem cells.

This cord blood can help treat various chronic diseases. With this cord blood banking, the baby’s umbilical cord can be stored and later can be used to help the treatment of several types of diseases. For example, blood cancer to immune system disorders. However, this cannot be ascertained and guaranteed because more research is needed.

Cord Blood Banking Procedure

The existence of cord blood banking can be very important for you. In case you want to provide more health and treatment facilities for children. But this decision should be taken with a partner since pregnant women enter the gestational age of the third trimester. At this gestational age, you should have started to decide and contact cord blood banking.

There is some cord blood banking in various countries, such as in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as Singapore and Taiwan. You can contact this bank during the third trimester pregnancy period. So you can be on guard and anticipate if you are experiencing premature birth.

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The process of taking umbilical cord blood is done according to the direction of the doctor and this will not affect the health of the mother and baby. This process only takes about 5 minutes.

Furthermore, the blood that has been taken is processed in the laboratory and all parts of the blood will be separated. Later will be obtained stem cells that will then be stored in the freezer temperature of approximately -196 degrees Celsius. These frozen stem cells are kept in such a way as not to break down and these frozen stem cells can last up to at least 10 years.

Lifesaving Cord Blood Banking

Doing umbilical cord blood storage in the bank today seems to be a unique thing but seems very useful. Even the existence of this umbilical cord bank can be a lifesaver for your favorite child in the future. Because the stem cells in the blood of the baby’s umbilical cord are seen to be able to treat some chronic diseases that tend to be dangerous and life-threatening for children.

By storing these stem cells your child later if you need them then can find their stem cells that are suitable for the condition of his body. Then you can say that the existence of this umbilical cord bank can serve as biological insurance for your baby.

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What is cord blood banking is certainly now not a foreign thing to you all anymore. After reading the explanation above, it is expected that your knowledge about the umbilical cord bank will increase. Moreover, this umbilical cord blood is very beneficial for the health of the little one in the future.

Umbilical cord blood that can cure some types of this disease is certainly very useful for the baby if it turns out he is experiencing a condition of pain with certain types of disease in the future. Umbilical cord blood can maintain the health of the little one so that his future is safer and avoids terrible pain conditions.

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Therefore, cord blood banking can certainly be the right consideration and solution for the future of your little one. Make sure there is a better future for your beloved little one by utilizing the cord blood banking service with its best offer.