What is Mei Fun Singapore

What is Mei Fun? Each country of course has a unique and interesting type of food. So it is not surprising that it attracts the attention of many others around the country. Like Singapore which also has delicious food, namely Singapore Mei Fun. Unfortunately, many still do not know what is Singapore Mei Fun.

When you hear the term, maybe many do not think that Singapore Mei Fun is related to one of the typical foods in the country. Meanwhile, some people who do not know may associate this with other things that are not right. Therefore, to provide more information about what is Singapore Mei Fun here is more complete information.

About Singapore Mei Fun

What is Mei Fun Singapore

Singapore Mei Fun is one of the culinary foods that can be found in the country. As a loyal visitor to this country, it can be quite easy to get food at various food stalls in Singapore. But for those who have never seen it, of course, you will be confused to determine what kind of food Singapore Mei Fun is.

Singapore Mei Fun is one of the famous types of noodle cuisine in the country. This food is also widely referred to or known by indigenous Singaporeans as Singapore Rice Noodles. Because the main ingredient is made from rice flour, it is easier to say the typical food as rice flour noodles.

This food is very rich in taste and delicious. The warm soup is perfect for eating when the air is cold at night. So it’s no wonder that this is a favorite food for dinner. Not only given a little gravy, but this food is also often cooked stir-fried. So that it gives a distinctive and savory taste to each mouthful.

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Singapore Mei Fun Ingredients

If you want to try to cook Singapore Mei Fun yourself is not difficult. The most important thing to note when you want to make the dish is what ingredients are needed to be prepared first. So that the cooking process will be much faster and easier to do.

There are several main ingredients used to make these Singaporean specialties. In general, it is even grouped into four kinds of parts. Some of the basic ingredients of this food are as follows.


The main ingredient that should be available is of course noodles. As the name implies, it is Singapore Mei Fun. The difference is, noodles that must be available for this food is to use dried rice vermicelli which is known as Mei Fun (or Mai Fun).


The following special ingredient in the cuisine is Chinese Barbeque Pork. You could replace it with roast chicken. But of course, the best taste comes from the original ingredients, namely Pork Char Siu. Additionally, egg and shrimp can also be added to the menu.


To complete the menu, it is also needed fresh vegetables. Commonly used are bell pepper and bean sprouts.


This one dish is quite typical because it uses yellow curry powder. In addition, other spices used to make Singapore Mei Fun are oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, and general kitchen spices to taste.

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Singapore Mei Fun Cooking Steps

If all the ingredients given above are available, then next know how to process the delicious food. The necessary way is quite easy, so anyone can follow the following given steps. Further, follow the following points in order.

• First, prepare the vermicelli in advance. You should soak it in hot water so that the vermicelli changes texture to be mushier so that it is easy to process.
• Then fry first eggs and shrimp and other used toppings. Then set aside the additional ingredients.
• Continue by sautéing all the seasonings that have been prepared using oil. Wait until it smells good and pleasant, then pour vermicelli into it.
• Afterward, put the toppings that have been fried before and mix all the leftover ingredients. Wait until cooked and Singapore Mei Fun is ready to serve.

Buying Singapore Mei Fun

Many tourists who visit Singapore often hear a lot about Laksa Singapore. But on the one hand, not much to know about the hidden gem of Singapore Mei Fun food. To get this delicious food is quite cheap. Because usually, the menu is available in some Chinese food stalls. Both those on the streets and those in food courts or shopping centers.

That’s some interesting information about what is Singapore Mei Fun. Not only tempting the taste but also easy to make yourself in the kitchen of the house. So if you have never tasted the delicacy of this cuisine can also try to make it yourself by following the recipe given above.

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However, if you have the opportunity to take a vacation or visit Singapore, try this menu that is real. Of course, there are different distinctive flavors to be obtained when buying them directly in Singapore. You can find this one noodle in several Chinese food stands that are widely available on the streets of Singapore at night. Experience the sensation and enjoy the maximum delicacy of Singapore Mei Fun in its place of origin directly.