What is Outer Banks

What is the Outer Banks being certainly a very familiar thing, especially for teenagers in America? Outer Banks is a TV series title that airs on Netflix. Of course, for those of you who are curious, you can immediately see it. Maybe outside of America this film is still not very well known by the public. But in America, this film is very well known. Even many people seem to be addicted to watching this TV series.

About Outer Banks TV Series

What is Outer Banks

Each Outer Banks series is always awaited by the public, especially fans of this film. Some of the cast characters also became idols for the audience. Of course, every actor cast in this film is always eagerly awaited. No wonder this TV series is very liked by various circles.

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Not only the story is interesting but also the presence of the cast in the film is amazing. Maybe at this time, you are getting curious about how the story is presented. Therefore, it is recommended to see the Outer Banks overview below.

Outer Banks is a TV series that presents a story set in North Carolina. It is located in the coastal city along the Outer Banks. In this area, there is a fairly noticeable social gap. This gap arises between seasonal residents who tend to be wealthy and the local working class. Each type of population has a certain nickname, namely Kooks and Pogues.

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The Outer Banks Synopsis

The story begins when a group of Pogue teenagers performs some action. This action arises because of the determination to find out about things related to his missing father. They want to know what happened to the missing father. In this action, John B becomes the leader of the group to solve the mystery. Then they discover a legendary treasure related to John B’s missing father.

This is where the various stories then begin to be exciting and tense. This group of teenagers is then pursued by the law and by a group of Kooks. Of course, Pogues always tries to overcome all obstacles that occur. Various problems arise ranging from fights involving friendship. In addition, there are problems related to money. And not to forget also the problem of love between each of them.

The Outer Banks Cast

Not only presents an interesting story but the Outer Bank series also comes with a variety of interesting actors. The main character in the film is John B who is the leader of the Pogues group played by Chase Stokes. Sarah, who is John B’s lover and comes from a wealthy resident of Kook, is played by Madelyn Cline. There is also Madison Bailey who plays the character Kiara from Kook but hangs out with Pogues.

The pope who is the brain of the Pogues is played well by Jonathan Daviss. JJ’s best friend John B is played by Rudy Pankow. Other characters such as Topper are played by Austin North. And many other film players also play a role in the story of the Outer Banks. The acting mix of the cast of this character is certainly good and very memorable.

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Outer Banks Seasons

The Outer Banks series that is famous among American teenagers has a long story. This type of serialized film is indeed sustainable from one series to another. Not only serialized but the Outer Banks series also consists of two seasons or two seasons.

The first season was released on April 15, 2020, and consisted of 10 episodes. While The Outer Banks Season 2 or the second season was released on July 30, 2021. Similar to the first season, The Outer Banks season two also consists of 10 episodes. All episodes are fascinating to watch entirely.
Outer Banks Rating

Like movies in general, of course, the Outer Banks TV series also received ratings up to ratings. Most of these ratings come from the audiences, while some are coming from the film critics and others parts too. From the results of the ratings, it is known that this story is less worthy of watching among children. Because there are stories with some violence.

Furthermore, the romantic scenes are less worth watching by children too. However, most of the adult audience judged that this film has a pretty good rating. The story is fun with many interesting scenes and not boring at all.

After reading the overview above, then the question about what is outer banks will certainly be answered very well. The story of this TV series that presents an exciting adventure is filled with thrilling scenes.

Coupled with a story full of mystery to make the entire audience always curious. Watching this movie will certainly cause a variety of emotions. Starting from tense emotions and fear to a deep curiosity.

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In addition, the love story that is also present in this film is also nice to see. No wonder this film is very popular among teenagers. The Outer Banks movie comes with a variety of interesting stories. Not only interesting but acting from the players is also unquestionable so that this TV series looks stunning. It can even be a spectacle for you to fill your free time.